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Black Friday

(A poem found while searching through old documents.)



The crowds close in and

I cannot move

without elbowing my

way through a throng

of people on

cellphones, not

walking, just talking, shoving

me on accident as someone reaches

for a flash drive

marked down to 9.99.


They are too busy to

take time

and apologize.

Too close to

look down


my clothes.

Too close to


Too much of a stranger

to know me.


Close enough

to see the shine on

my face from both

sweat and excitement.

The rush of being unknown and

fighting for space,

makes me want a life

surrounded by others,

by lights, by music and


sidewalks.  A city.

The aisles, walled by freezers

and shelves, an alleyway

between busy streets to move

around the masses.

Although, everyone knows in

a real city, young women

like me


should not walk in alleyways.

Last week I read

an email, from my

sister, about a house

she rents out in Baltimore.


Fit for only


An elderly woman.


My sister told me how

one night someone came in

the house and shot

the elderly woman to

steal all the money

that she did not have. How


she probably pleaded

for another minute –

life for the price of

a watch, a gold necklace,

even her

wedding ring.  How he,

maybe high, maybe

drunk, probably

just sad, could not

stop his finger

from pulling


the trigger.

Didn’t she know?

Everyone knows

that alleyways

are the safe places;

it is home you should fear.


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