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CVS Bargains

If there is one thing I am super proud of in this world, it is my ability to bargain shop.  Living in New York City provides many opportunities to spend money, but many fewer to save money.  Luckily, with printable coupons, patience, and knowledge of the sales ads, its not too difficult to cut back on expenditures while still getting the necessities.  Here are a few of my best deals from today’s trip to CVS.


Purchase one: CVS Cleansing and makeup remover towlettes – 15 pack.  These cost $3.19 each or 2/$5.00.  CVS also had a deal that if you spent $5.00 or more on CVS-brand facial products, you received $3.00 in ExtraBucks rewards.  The ExtraBucks rewards are essentially a coupon that can be applied to take a specified amount away from any purchase at CVS.  

$5.00 – $3.00 = $2.00 for the two packs of makeup remover wipes, or 1.00 per pack.  Not bad!


Purchase 2: This Crest BE dynamic toothpaste normally cost $6.29  for the 4.5 oz tube.  CVS was selling the toothpaste for $4.99 and giving $3.25 in ExtraBucks rewards.  The normal sale price alone was a bargain at only $1.74 after applying the ExtraBucks savings, but I took it one step further.  I had a coupon for this toothpaste for $1.00 off that I printed from coupons.com.  I now have the opportunity to try a new, “lime spearment zest” flavored toothpaste for only $0.74.



And the last major bargain – purchase three: The Crest Pro-Health Rinse in Clean Mint normally costs $7.29 for a 1L bottle.  Although it tastes delicious and is such a pretty purple color, that’s still a bit high for my liking.  CVS was running the same deal on this rinse as it was on the toothpaste – buy it for $4.99 and receive $3.25 in ExtraBucks rewards.  This deal alone brought the price down to 1.74, but once again I added a $1.00 coupon printed from coupons.com.  With my ExtraBucks reward coupons, this large bottle of name-brand mouth rinse cost me only $0.74.  That’s almost a 90% savings!


Here’s a picture of my ExtraBucks rewards coupons – that’s 9.50 that I won’t have to pay next time!  It may take stocking up on necessities for later, but the deals are out there.  With some planning and coordination, paying full price should rarely be necessary.  Once grocery shopping is done, the planning just centers around where to spend all the money you have saved!  My vote is for something fun!

Until next time, friends!



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10 Things I Know To Be True

As inspired by Sarah Kay

1. Most arrogant people are just insecure.

2. Red lipstick, sunglasses, and cowboy boots each add instant sass to any outfit.

3. You should never, ever pay full price for tights.

4. The best, coolest people are usually the ones who just love what they are doing (as a career, as a hobby, on a Friday night, whatever), even if what they do is uncool.

5. Using binder clips instantly makes you feel (and look) more professional.  They are the epitome of badass office supplies.  Go buy them now.  You won’t regret it.

6. Getting a reward card to a store you will visit more than just a couple times a year is an excellent idea and a great way to save money.  Especially Rite Aid; it’s insane how much money you can save just by signing up.  So don’t be lazy..get that rewards card.

7. Even the weirdest, meanest, and dullest people in your mind have someone in their life who thinks they’re the bee’s knees.

8. When you fake confidence it really, truly begins to turn into something not faked. You just really believe in yourself.  And most people don’t know the difference anyway.

9. We cannot fully love and understand others until we love and understand ourselves.

10. Glasses, especially thick framed hipster-style are quite easily one of the sexiest things a person can wear.

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