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JingleVox Review 1

Influenster has to be one of my favorite sites to try new things.  When I returned to NYC from visiting WV for Christmas break, I was delighted to find a the winter sample box – “JingleVox.”

Enclosed were:

  • A coupon for a free bag of Ore Ida tater tots
  • Kiss true volume lashes
  • Kiss lash glue
  • 3 packages of Biscoff cookies
  • A Pure Ice nail polish in “Home Run”
  • NYC City Proof 24 Hr. Waterproof Eyeliner; and
  • A Hallmark Rapunzel “Itty Bitty”


I have only received one other box from Influenster (sometime over the summer) and I will say that I liked this one better.  However, I am always willing to try free things and be completely honest about what I think.  From this box, I am most excited to try the Cetaphil, lashes, and tater tots (yum!).


Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream:

Influenster 2.jpg

I have actually used the Cetaphil lotion before (both the actual brand and the generic “Equate” Walmart Brand), so I already guessed I would like this.  Still true!  Cetaphil is well known for being gentle on skin while still getting the job done.  I have fairly sensitive skin that gets very dry.  I put on the cream after washing with my Aveeno Positivily Radiant Face Wash and this helped ease the after-washing tightness.

The price for this cream is listed in the Influenster insert as $8.99 – $15.99.  I am hoping that, as a sample, this 1 oz jar doesn’t fall anywhere in that scale because that would be a bit high.

Even though I have very dry skin, I try to avoid putting any “creams” on my face.  They always seem too heavy and make me feel kind of sweaty, if that makes sense.  So, I don’t think I would use this for a daily thing.  But a cream is good when used sparingly – I foresee using it on the edges of my nose when they get all dry and flaky (yuck!) from the cold air and nose blowing.  But, we will see!



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